21-Day Co-vid Challenge
    7-Day Self-Acceptance Challenge
Inviting you to join me in this nourishing 7-Day Challenge to find deeper acceptance for yourself.
It's easier to accept the parts we like about ourselves and those that others admire in us or compliment us on. Its easy to criticize or undermine ourselves when we fall short.

The most nourishing experience is feeling accepted just as we are. Deep down, we all want to be accepted for who we are 'warts and all'

Reprogram your inner world with simple daily healing practices. 
Every day you will receive the next step in your mailbox to build a healthy foundation  to support you in rebuilding your sense of self.

During the Self-Acceptance challenge, you will receive daily emails with powerful challenges and action steps  to support you every single step of the way. They won't take long and I suggest you do this for 7 days straight! 
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