5 Day Free Training Series
The 5-Part Free Training Series
Fab @50...and Beyond
  Reclaim your visibility, your voice
& your Inner Vixen in 5 Days 
  Reclaim your visibility, your voice   & your Inner Vixen in 5 Days 
Are you buying into society's ageist labels by shrinking yourself and denying your power?
Frustrated with lost opportunities?
Afraid to speak up and share your truth?
Feeling anxious about your future? 
We hate spam as much as you do.
Video 1:  The Self Abuse Cycle
The Fab@50 Free Training Series is an absolute MUST-WATCH for you if:
  • You’re feeling invisible, insecure, frustrated or anxious about your chronological age.
  • You’ve bought into society's labels and chronically default to dimming your light .
  • You’re buying into the BS that you’ve somehow missed the boat .
  • You find yourself settling for less when you really want so much more.
Video 1: The Self Abuse Cycle
Video 2:  A Blast From The Past
Video 3: Take Your Power Back
Video 4:  Shift your Secret Pacts 
Video 5:  Be A Vision Vixen
What if you could gift yourself a sacred healing plan that will awaken your power, joy and passion, absolutely free?
As a woman over 50, society says you’re pretty much done. That your best years are behind you. That it’s all downhill from 40. 
What a freakin’ joke!
Here’s the truth, you gorgeous thing.
You’re about to enter into one of the most inspired, empowered journeys of your entire life!
… but only if you decide to STOP SETTLING and START SHINING.
… only if you decide to unapologetically take a stand for yourself and your life.
When you do, I promise, things will radically shift for you. 
If you want to guarantee a liberated, luscious life at 50 and beyond, then your well being and future lady mojo depends on getting your hands on this healing series... 
Fab@50...and  Beyond!
5-Part Free Training Series
Here’s what you’ll Uncover in this Free Video Training series: 
My mission is to free your mind, restore your spirit and pave the way for a fabulously fulfilling future.
It's time to clear away past pains, self sabotage and outdated stories. It may seem like an insurmountable task and you are not sure where to begin.
We’ll be talking about...
  • The old wounds that are creating your reality today, and how to clear them
  • The cycle of self-abuse that too many women get caught in, and how that shows up in your daily life
  • How to use your vision to create a thrilling, fulfilling life
The 5 crucial steps I present in this training will initiate a massive shift by breaking you out of self-sabotage and rejecting your power. I know it works, because they are the exact steps I used to transform my own life from disastrously drab to diva-liciously fab.
It's time to own your power and feel divine
It's your time to flourish, to thrive and to shine.
Free yourself up with 5 love-fuelled steps over the next 5 days. Make space to move forward and feel Fab@50 and Beyond!
Loads of lusciousness and love,
Mirella del Mondo
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