Are you ready to Liberate yourself from
The risk of being judged or rejected if you are being true to yourself?

Buying into other people's opinions that diminish your worth?

Pushing and pressuring yourself to be perfect?

Playing it safe vs daring to ask for more?

Liberation is about how we operate despite our current circumstances.
So let's get to the source of these soul-sucking scenarios!

Self-sabotage is the Source of Suffering!

These heart-breaking statistics show how many women are affected by unworthiness :

- 85% of women opt out of important life activities like team sports, joining a club or 
engaging socially, when they don’t feel good about the way they look.
- In the US, eating disorders are the 10th leading cause of non-fatal disease for females.
- 80% of both women and girls feel pressure to never make mistakes or show weakness.
- 73% won't pursue a job opportunity beyond their experience. Many experience 'imposter syndrome'.
- 69% won't request a raise or ask for a promotion. - 67% lack the confidence to step into leadership.
- Divorce rates are on the rise, with 76% initiated by women, who feel over-burdened with 
unrealistic expectations. The pressure to be a super woman is ridiculous.
- Women are twice as likely to suffer from anxiety than men and 2-3 times more likely to deal with depression.

You know you deserve more, let's start doing something about it!

Embark on your Wildly Worthy Woman Journey

Join us for an epic 8-week journey where you'll learn to ..
❤️ Release toxic beliefs and unconscious blocks 

❤️ Re-write an empowering new narrative

❤️ Free up 'stuck' emotions and heal your heart

❤️ Build an internal, spiritual support system

❤️ Seal energy leaks and develop healthy boundaries 

❤️ Own your voice to communicate your needs

❤️ Empower your sensuality to shine through

❤️ Heal financial hurts and regain agency over your life

❤️ Embody your power and celebrate your worth 

Own your value, reclaim your voice, awaken to your divine worth

Your Sacred Support System 

~ 9 Modules that will be released week-by-week ~

~ Videos, audios and worksheets to work through at your own pace ~

~ Personal practices and action steps to support your ongoing progress ~

~ Fortnightly LIVE coaching calls (they will be recorded if you can't join us) ~

~ Private Facebook group for participants ~

~ A free week off mid-way ~
  Deep down you know it's your time
Just imagine you are actually there for yourself, showing up as you always 
do for others.  Screw the stories that it's selfish to put yourself first! 

The best part is that you will have the support of other like-minded and hearted women. 
  Relish safety and a deep sense of belonging as you are held in non-judgemental acceptance. 

Every 2 weeks, you join in a LIVE call and connect with others on the same journey.
 You can also connect with one another on our private facebook group.

Magic truly happens when you are part of an inspiring tribe who hold you in your highest potential.

Let's fly together and feel the wind beneath our wings.

 Wildly Worthy Woman

You are worthy and want to be the truest version of yourself.
You are ready to connect with yourself in a deeply nourishing way.

You are open to develop healthier relationships.
You are ready to communicate more clearly and connect more deeply.

You deserve the most delicious and richly rewarding life possible.
You are ready to take action to create what you want.

10% of Proceeds will be donated to the 'Girl Power Project' in Uganda, 
helping girls stay in school, avoid pregnancy, disease & violence

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